Visitor's Guide

Arlington Community Room and Reception Center

One of the more convenient features that Arlington offers is the on-site Community Room and Reception Center that serves as a multi-purpose facility for Arlington and Arlington families.

Built and opened in 2003, the Community Room and Reception Center’s primary function is as a gathering place for families prior to or following the funeral and interment services. As part of our culture’s mourning ritual, it is customary for the family of the deceased to host a gathering for the attendees of the funeral. The purpose of these gatherings is to share memories of the deceased, to add comfort to the mourning family and to provide hospitality to those who may have traveled some distance to attend the funeral.
While these gatherings may take place at the home, Arlington’s Reception Center offers a convenient alternative for the family. Rather than planning for such a gathering at the home with all of the related details, the family can instead utilize the Reception Center complete with food and beverage options including, if so desired, a fully catered meal. Arlington’s staff assumes responsibility for all of the arrangements of the gathering thereby relieving the family of those inconvenient details. All of this is provided by Arlington for a modest fee. For those who are interested in information regarding the Reception Center, please contact the Administrative Center at (513) 521-7003.

The Reception Center can also serve as a meeting facility for other functions. 
Art At Arlington

Just as we utilize our grounds for summer concerts and numerous other activities for the living, we enjoy utilizing our interior space for the benefit of those who visit our Community Room and Reception Center.

Throughout the year, we open our walls to three or four local artists who use this venue to exhibit their talents. The result is an interesting display of colors and perspectives that is available for viewing for any visitor to our Administration Center or our Reception Center.  Viewing is open 9:00 - 4:30, Monday through Friday and 9:00 through 12:00 noon on Saturdays.