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Children Flock to Arlington to Celebrate Earth Day

Mother Nature smiled on Arlington’s First Earth Day Celebration with a warm and sunny day while the focus was on providing some entertaining activities for children of all ages while simultaneously demonstrating and teaching the significance of the amazing, yet incredibly fragile balance between nature and man.

With 12 different “stations” offering a wide variety of activities such as a beekeeping demonstration, introduction to Yoga, Parachute Play, Recycle Can Toss, and making Earth Day Bracelets, the 175 or so kids (and many of their parents too!) joined in the fun for the hour and a half event.

As most everyone knows, Earth Day is observed in order to raise the awareness of the Earth’s natural environment.  In keeping with that purpose, Arlington’s celebration kept things simple and easy to understand for kids.  For instance, Earth Day bracelets were assembled with various colors symbolizing a different aspect of nature (brown beads represented the soil, etc.).  Ann Meyer, an Arlington Vice President, commented that, “While we considered the messages about Earth Day very subtle, kids tend to learn through activities.  So, at the end of the day, we felt that we had given the kids a thing or two to think about while mixing in fun and romping outdoors.”

A “Recycled Can Block” provided a great learning tool about recycling and also a great guessing game.  While guesses for the number of compressed cans ranged from 50 – 1,500, Fisher Goodale’s guess of 580 cans came closest to the actual number of 558.  Congratulations, Fisher – you win the $25 Gift Card!

You can see photos from the event below.

Earth Day Photo Gallery 2018

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