Sue Slusher

Sue Slusher joined The Arlington Memorial Gardens as a Family Care Advisor in 2004. Her professional background is steeped in helping others through her experience in real estate and later as a hearing specialist.  A resident of White Oak, Sue has deep roots in the community and is an active member of several community organizations. She has a vested interest in Arlington, not only as a longtime employee, but also because, as she notes, "Arlington has been the cemetery of choice for my family for a very long time."

Sue understands the personal devastation of loss, cares deeply about working with families, and is extremely sensitive in assisting them during their time of need following a death.  She is a certified Funeral Celebrant which provides her with an even greater opportunity to serve families.  She has been instrumental in providing after care services including her work in helping to develop Arlington's Surviving the Holidays Grief Support Program.  She is unwavering in her belief of pre-planning and the "peace of mind" that it provides and is an active advocate for veterans and seniors offering an ongoing series of free seminars in the Arlington Community Room.

Sue and her husband Jerry are the proud parents of a son and daughter-in-law and the extremely joyful grandparents of a grandson and granddaughter.  She can be contacted directly at