Steve Whitaker

Steve Whitaker has been a member of the Family Care Team at The Arlington Memorial Gardens since April of 2016. However, being new to Arlington does not mean that he is new to helping families navigate the nuances of cemetery services, having worked and managed several corporately owned/operated cemeteries in southwest Ohio and elsewhere in in the Mid-West.

Steve is an experienced cemetery professional with a deep rooted belief that everyone should pre-plan their arrangements well before the need arises. Early in Steve’s career he experienced firsthand the difference between the families that had pre-planned and the strain and hardship that accompanies the experience for those that had no arrangements. His beliefs were so strong that at the age of 35, not only did he pre-plan his and his wife’s arrangements, but he also helped his parents pre-planning well before their time of need. 

Steve deeply believes in helping others and subscribes to the following from George Eliot: “What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other.”  It is because of Steve’s strong belief in pre-planning as well as his knowledge and compassion that he is such an extraordinary asset to the families served here at The Arlington Memorial Gardens.

Steve can be contacted directly at via e-mail at