Top 9 Reasons to Purchase Your Memorial from the Arlington

  1. Arlington is a perpetual organization -- it will always be in business.

  2. Arlington has trained and skilled advisors who are familiar with your lot and its requirements.

  3. Arlington purchases your memorial directly from the manufacturer -- so there is no middleman.

  4. Arlington will ensure that only the very best material is used in your memorial, because it must be concerned with the long-term appearance and upkeep of the park.

  5. Arlington knows you. You have dealt with our staff either before or during your time of loss.

  6. Arlington uses the additional income from your memorial purchase to put into continued beautification of the park.

  7. Arlington's staff is trained to efficiently handle our memorial placement and assumes responsibility if there is any damage in erection of monuments purchased throughout the cemetery.

  8. Arlington handles your future needs directly through its own office.

  9. Arlington has assumed the responsibility of caring for your loved one's grave. It is only natural that you should place your memorial under the same care and attention the resting place requires.
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