Distinctive Benefits

Distinctive Benefits


Deciding to purchase your cemetery needs on a pre-need basis is often a difficult decision to make.  There are several reasons why this is the case but we realize that often times financial concerns rise to the top of the list.

Because we understand the financial implications of a pre-need purchase for many households, we offer a variety of in-house financing plans, all of which are interest free.  By offering manageable and interest-free, in-house financing, we can develop pre-need plans that fit into just about every household budget that makes pre-planning at Arlington convenient and affordable.

In addition to easy access of our consumer-friendly purchasing plans, we offer one other dynamic benefit that is absolutely unequaled and unmatched in the greater Cincinnati region.  It's one of our distinctive White Glove Benefits called the Open Account Protection Plan.  Under this plan, purchasers are granted, at no additional cost, special protection while they are paying for pre-need purchases through our in-house financing.  Essentially, the Open Account Protection Plan is this: if a pre-need purchase is financed over time and a death occurs before the account has been paid in full, then the remaining balance is forgiven.  Through our in-house financing, this protection plan provides financial relief at a very troubling emotional moment, and sometimes a financially challenging time.  If you are considering purchasing your cemetery needs, make sure you contact one of our Advisers for more information on our Open Account Protection Plan.

Selecting Your Cemetery
Selecting a cemetery for ourselves or for someone we love is not something that we frequently think about, whether the need is immediate or is a part of planning.  We at Arlington understand that the significance of a final resting place means different things to different people.  While it may not always be possible, we recommend a deliberative process where the choice of a cemetery is a part of thoughtful planning before the need arises.  People choose Arlington for many reasons: beauty, location, family heritage – just to name a few.  However, the quality of added services, values and benefits that we offer are what sets us apart from others.

Local Ownership & Control
Arlington has a long, historical Cincinnati tradition and it is truly an independent, locally owned and operated not-for-profit organization.   As such, its protocol is rooted in the cultural knowledge and understanding of our community, not from some distant corporate headquarters.  Furthermore, the basis for our very existence is service: serving our friends, neighbors and associates – not the whims of the stock market, the financial well-being of shareholders or profitability.  

Full Service
Whether your need is immediate or is a part of advanced planning, Arlington provides a vast array of products and services, some that are traditional while others are considered less traditional.  If you prefer tradition, we offer affordable ground burial spaces, caskets, burial vaults, lawn crypt spaces, and bronze memorials.  These products can be purchased individually or packaged together to accommodate your needs, preferences and budget.  However, if you prefer alternatives, we offer the beauty of above ground mausoleua and several options accommodating cremation.  And, as an additional value-added service, we will freeze service fees, such as opening & closing, by accepting pre-payment at “today’s cost” thereby eliminating the effect of future inflation.

Cremation Service
Today, more people are selecting cremation as their preferred choice.  For those of you who chose cremation, we offer a comprehensive package which includes the cremation, arrangement of the funeral service and a pre-selected choice of burial location in the cemetery.

In-House Financing

As a part of our mission to provide services to the entire community, we offer our unique “in-house financing” program which guarantees the approval of your purchase from Arlington. This internal financing mechanism means that the expense and often cumbersome requirement of a third-party financial institution is unnecessary in order for you to purchase your cemetery needs.  Furthermore, some purchases can be financed interest free, for up to sixty (60) months.

Heritage Certificate
In our ongoing efforts to promote family heritage at Arlington, for those who qualify, we offer our Heritage Certificate where, as an incentive to plan in advance, we give you a complimentary burial space certificate.  This certificate can be redeemed, as payment in full, for a burial space in several gardens throughout the cemetery or used as a credit for a burial space in other areas of the cemetery.  Regardless of how you chose to use it, Arlington stands behind the Heritage Certificate program. 

White Glove Protection Benefits
This complimentary benefit is designed to provide additional protection and relief for those who qualify and have enrolled in our pre-planning programs.  The unique "White Glove" coverage provides Arlington purchasers with significant coverage and financial relief in the event of death and other untimely and unanticipated circumstances.

Aftercare Services
We understand that the loss of a beloved and its aftermath presents challenges and challenging times.  While we recognize the importance of institutional resources during these times, Arlington’s goal is to provide useful Aftercare Services that provide additional help for the survivor. We meet with survivors in order to provide materials that can help you to understand and cope with grief.  We also provide appropriate memorial tributes and help you find your own unique way to preserve memories.  We also provide our quarterly Remembrance Service where we host a community “remembrance” gathering facilitated by local clergy.  It is our hope that all of these services will assist you in recovering from grief.

Grief Support Programs
Our Grief Support Programs are held monthly in our Community Room to provide a comfortable forum for you, as a survivor to understand the dynamics of grief and to learn how to move through the process.  Facilitated by licensed grief therapists, these programs are inter-active, thought provoking and healing opportunities for survivors.

Floral Services
Arlington’s Floral Shop is available to serve you in year-round.  If you want to observe a holiday, or a personally significant day, with the placement of a floral arrangement on a grave site, all you need to do is contact our office and place your order.  We will take care of the rest.