Affordable Arrangements

One of our primary goals is to promote and perpetuate "family heritage" within Arlington.  In plain language, the term "family heritage" simply means that families make the conscious decision to be buried in the same cemetery, often in close proximity to each other.  We help families establish family heritage with our Family Heritage Free Space Program.  Under this program, each family electing to pre-plan at Arlington receives a certificate valued at $1,200, which is the actual value of a single grave site in several gardens (the following chart merely depicts a range of prices in the cemetery).

Arlington provides an extensive variety of "memorial property" which is a general term used to describe every type of cemetery property that can be used for final disposition.  Helping you to select the memorial property that is right for you, at a cost that is right for you, is always our goal whether you are purchasing under pre-need or at-need circumstances.

Arlington has a long history of setting the standard in offering exceptional memorial property in all price ranges including a wide selection of options in any of one our 31 gardens, lawn crypts, mausoleum, cremation niches and scattering garden.
The following merely illustrates the affordability of just a few of our 31 ground burial gardens.  For complete details and information, please contact our Family Service Department by calling (513) 521-7003 or by going to About Us and submitting a Contact form.


Property  Price          
With 10% State Mandated Endowment Care 
 Garden of the Good Samaritan  $1,260  $1,400
 Masonic Garden  $1,980  $2,200
 Garden of Restoration  $2,070  $2,300
 Garden of Meditation  $2,610  $2,900
 Garden of the Old Rugged Cross  $2,610  $2,900
 Garden of Lake View (west)  $2,700  $3,000

You also can purchase a memorial for your loved one directly from Arlington Memorial Gardens. Learn the Top 9 Reasons you should purchase your memorial from the cemetery.