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Arlington Walking Club Continues to Grow

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The Arlington Walking Club will begin its fifth year in June, 2017.  We've noticed a real uptick in participants as many members of the "club" have found the Arlington campus a great place to walk and exercise.  

Officially, the Walking Club runs from June 1 – September 30. By signing-up you’re not registering for competition, that is, unless that’s something you like. Essentially, the club is to provide a peaceful venue to get some gentle exercise.  

Walking is well documented as having great benefits for the heart. But the Arthritis Foundation also credits walking for many other health-related or well-being benefits. Among those benefits: improved circulation, shored-up bone mass, a longer life, improved mood and outlook, helps control weight, strengthens muscles, improves sleep, helps prevent or slow down joint deterioration, improves breathing, slows down mental decline, lowers Alzheimer’s risk and reduces the incidence of disability in later life. Substantial benefits for something so simple as walking!

Registering for our Walking Club is easy: just click here to register. Again this year, we’ll monitor the walking logs on our website and announce the three walking participants who have logged the most mileage walking inside Arlington.

Spread the word and Get Into the Swing.  If you have questions about the Walking Club, please contact us at 521-7003.

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