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More than 400 Youngsters Attend Easter Egg Hunt

After taking last year off due to the very early arrival of Easter and bad weather, Arlington's Annual Easter Egg Hunt returned this year on Saturday, April 8 at 2 -- 3:30 pm.

On what was a warm and sunny afternoon, approximately 400 youngsters, eager to see the Easter Bunny and hunt for Easter Eggs, descended on the South Lawn of Arlington Lake and participated in several activities before lining up and racing through the field to search, and hopefully fill their baskets with eggs.  

All of the kids, oozing with enthusiasm and youthful energy were kept active until the gate opened to the Easter Egg field signaling the start of the Easter Egg Hunt.  Games included ring toss, bucket toss, egg roll race and egg-in-spoon race, while activities included crafting and cookie decorating.  Arlington provided soft drinks, popcorn and cotton candy that likely boosted the energy level even higher (also resulting in sticky fingers and faces).

Adding to the festivities, the Easter Bunny made an appearance and eagerly sat for photos with any and every willing child, ranging in age from infants to 9 year olds.  And, as a special guest this year, Princess Belle from the Lion King strolled throughout the grounds and graciously accepted photo requests.  To add an additional element of fun and anticipation, all registered participants were asked to guess the number of jelly beans in two jars chock-full of those colorful candies.  The two young winners were Easton and Amari whose guesses were both extremely close to the actual number of jelly beans in each jar. Congratulations to both of our winners!

Once the Easter Egg Hunt began, over 2,100 eggs were there waiting to be found by a surging and spirited throng of youngsters.  As the gates opened, they swooped through the field at what seemed like light speed and picked the field clean of the elusive eggs within just a couple of minutes.

The Arlington Memorial Gardens sponsors and hosts events like the Easter Egg Hunt to provide a safe venue for children to experience traditional activities and to help build meaningful childhood memories.  Arlington also hopes that as children grow into adulthood, their experiences at the Arlington campus will help to promote a better understanding of cemeteries and the role they play in our culture.  

For those looking to begin their Easter Sunday with a meaningful boost, we suggest attending our 59th Annual Easter Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday morning, April 16 on the South Lawn at 7 AM.

Thanks to all of those who participated this year.  We had a wonderful time again hosting this event for the community. And you can see photos from the event and past year's hunts below.

Easter Egg Hunt Photo Gallery: April 8, 2017

    Easter Egg Hunt Photo Gallery: April 12, 2014

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