Arlington Sponsors Cell Phones For Soldiers

We are proud that Arlington Memorial Gardens is a Drop-Site for Cell Phones For Soldiers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is the embodiment of a patriotic service. This organization collects old and used cell phones and converts them into calling cards for our Armed Forces overseas.

For a decade, the charity's longstanding calling card program, "Minutes That Matter,” has provided servicemen and women with an estimated 3 million prepaid calling cards, equating to more than 210 million minutes of FREE talk time. 

Arlington has participated as a drop-off site for four years and is proud to do its part in helping Cell Phones for Soldiers provide communication sources to the men and women serving in the military.  

Here’s just one testimony from the parent of two members of the military who benefited from Cell Phone for Soldiers:
"Again, thank you for providing the means to which our brave men and women in uniform can talk with loved ones while away fighting in the war zone. We appreciate all that you do, and as a mother of two children who fought during several tours of duty, I valued the time I was able to spend talking to my daughter and son. My son received two purple hearts while in Afghanistan and it was comforting to be able to speak to him while he was there. It truly is a valuable service you are providing to our fighting men and women and their families and friends. God bless you."

John Wright, Arlington’s Coordinator of Special Events is shown here with the donated phones ready to be sent to Cell Phones for Soldiers. Arlington loves participating in this enormously important effort and we continue to encourage all of our visitors and patrons to drop their gently used mobile phones in our Administrative Center as a donation.

Arlington Drop Site Location

Our Drop-Site is conveniently located in the lobby of our Administration Center.  While we collect phones year round, we want to make a concentrated effort to collect used phones as we approach Memorial Day.

Here are some other recent thank you notes received at Cell Phones for Soldiers:

From a TSgt Safety Rep for Bagram AB, Afghanistan, who requested cards “to hand out at the Welcome Brief”: 

"Thank you for providing this service, as I know everyone here likes to hear the voices of their loved ones.  Whenever people ask to help, I tell them about this and to send donations that way."

"Thank you! We signed our daughter up for these calling cards from us since she is currently deployed and we just lost her father. Again, thank you for processing our requests!"- Proud Army Mom!

"My wife is currently deployed with her unit from Fort Campbell to Afghanistan. I would like to try to send her and her soldiers some free calling cards if available.Thank you!"

"I really do thank you for supporting the troops; my grandson would love to contact family."

"My [son] is deployed with a small unit in Afghanistan, and we want to help them call home."

"I received the calling cards in the mail today!! Thank you so much to you personally, the Cell Phones for Soldiers organization, and staff, for everything that you all do for my military family and I. Our Flight was excited to know that we have more means of contact with our family while stationed here in Afghanistan. Please send our deepest thanks and appreciation."

"First, I would like to say “thank you” to you for this great program for our Soldiers.  I've been deployed twice and this is my third time over here, and having a program like yours helps our morale and shows to all of us that “America” supports us.  Once again, thank you from all of us.  May God continue to bless you always."