About Arlington Memorial Gardens


Unlike many other areas in our lives when we nonchalantly go about the task of gaining some level of knowledge and expertise, cemeteries and all things related to cemeteries have been mystified, misunderstood or exaggerated.  Experience has proven that the very best method for learning more about Arlington or cemeteries in general, for that matter, is to talk to us directly.  However, as always, our goal is to provide the very best service possible.  In offering the following information, we hope to provide some basic insights.  If you want or need to learn more, please call us at (513) 521-7003 or visit the Contact Us page to submit questions.

1.    Question: What are the prices of burial property at Arlington?
Answer: Unlike some cemeteries, Arlington is a full-service cemetery with 29 unique burial gardens; several mausolea and options; lawn crypt gardens; cremation burial, entombment and scattering options.  The answer to the question is that there are numerous options and price depends on the personal preferences of the purchaser.  However, for comparative purposes, and an idea of how affordable burial property at Arlington can be,click on this link .  For more information, please contact our Family Service Department at (513) 521-7003 or visit our Contact Us page.

2.    Question: Is there a difference in prices between pre-need purchases and at need purchases?
Answer: Our prices for all of our goods and services are standard retail prices for pre-need and at need purchases.  However, in most pre-need situations, we can and do offer certain discounts that are not available for at need purchases.  For more information on pre-need purchases and available discounts, please contact our Family Service Department at (513) 521-7003 or visit our Contact Us page.

3.    Question: I’d like to begin my pre-planning with the purchase of cemetery property, but I don’t have a large down payment.  Can I still purchase?
Answer: We believe it is essential for everyone to pre-plan and our mission is providing help regardless of personal income circumstances.  There are plans available that will be affordable for the vast majority of purchasers.  To learn more about those programs, we suggest that you make an appointment with one of our Family Service Advisors.

4.    Question: Is a burial vault a part of the pre-planning?
Answer: Preferably, a burial vault can be purchased at the time you purchase your burial property.  As with all merchandise, the price is subject to increases imposed by the manufacturer; and, so purchasing now, as opposed to later, will ultimately save you money.  Although burial vaults are not required by the State of Ohio, Arlington requires them, as do most cemeteries, to maintain the integrity of the ground and minimize the possibility of shifting ground and potential collapses.

5.    Question: Do you accept credit cards?
Answer: Yes we do.  We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.  In addition, we provide options for automatic withdrawal and secure on-line banking on this website.

6.    Question: Other than burial property, what else will I need to purchase from the cemetery?
Answer: In years past, many cemeteries limited their services to burial property.  Times have changed.  Arlington offers comprehensive services for consumer convenience including a wide array of bronze memorials, burial vaults, caskets, cremation services and a full option of cremation burial.  Of course, what you purchase will depend on the circumstances.  If the purchase is at-need, then the immediate concern is the burial property and the vault.  In addition, the cost of the burial will need to be paid.  If the purchase is pre-need, then there are more options available.  For instance, one option for a married couple is what we refer to as an Emergency Plan.

7.    Question: What is an Emergency Plan?
Answer: An Emergency Plan includes pre-planning for the essentials for one person.  It involves the purchase of the burial property, the burial vault and the bronze memorial.  For a married couple, an Emergency Plan would be defined as two burial spaces, one burial vault and a companion memorial.  Purchasing an Emergency Plan before the need eliminates these essential needs at the time of death.

8.    Question: Do I have to purchase my memorial from Arlington?
Answer: No, you can purchase your memorial from an independent memorial vendor.  However, the memorial must meet Arlington’s specifications and requirements and the vendor will need to deliver the memorial to Arlington.  While you may purchase elsewhere, you will not find the same guarantees offered by Arlington.  Remember this important distinction: Arlington is a perpetual, not-for-profit entity as opposed to for-profit vendors.  We will always be here if a problem arises; for-profit vendors can and have gone out of business.  If a problem arises with the memorial, then what?  For more reasons why you should strongly consider purchasing from Arlington, click here.

9.    Question: If I purchase a memorial, how long will it take to have it installed at the site?
 Answer: Purchasing the bronze memorial from Arlington is a collaborative process between you and your Family Service Advisor.  However, once the design of the memorial is finalized and paid in full, we place the order.  Under warm weather circumstances, we can usually install the memorial within 6 to 8 weeks after placing the order, assuming there are no problems with the manufacturing.  During the winter months or during a particularly rainy period, we only install memorials if ground conditions permit us to do so.

10.    Question: What if I don’t want to be buried in the ground?  What other options do you have at Arlington?
Answer: While earth burial (burial in the ground) is the traditional method of final disposition in this country, that is changing.  Over the past 25 years, there has been more interest in mausoleum entombment and cremation.

11.    Question: Isn’t the mausoleum option too expensive?
Answer: There was a time when the mausoleum option was too expensive or considered too expensive.  However, with the evolving development of community mausoleums, that is no longer the case.  Purchasing mausoleum space is often just as affordable as purchasing your burial property.  To find out what options you might have regarding mausoleum, call (513) 521-7003 or visit our Contact Us page.

12.    Question: Why is rate of cremation increasing?
Answer: This is a somewhat complicated topic.  Part of the reason is that many people believe that cremation is less expensive than the more traditional methods of final disposition.  It can be; but, that is not always the case.  Perhaps the more compelling explanation lies in the fact that most religions have now sanctified cremation as a method of final disposition.  There are other reasons why cremation has grown: the transient nature of society and the influence of the Baby Boomer generation are also likely causes.  We suggest contacting us at (513) 521-7003 for more information on cremation.